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Home-Made with Care: Covid-19 Masks for Sale

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

I started sewing my own Covid-19 masks in March of 2020. Since both my boyfriend and I are massage therapists, it felt even more important to have masks that was both comfortable to wear for hours at a time and because we are in such close proximity with our clients, effective! After several different versions, I finally created a design I am finally satisfied with!

These masks come in many different patterns and colors and are constructed with three layers of cotton quilting fabric with a pocket for a filter. I provide one reusable hospital-grade filter with the mask. This mask design is one of the most air-tight constructions I have encountered. The bridge-of-nose wire piece can be bent to perfectly conform to your unique facial construction. The under-the-chin and side-of-cheek fabric are snug but not overly tight. When wearing this mask, I notice that when I breathe in and out, the mask's fabric moves with my breath, indicating that the air is being pulled through the filter and not the sides. Even when wearing glasses, they rarely fog up. The mask also has a drawstring with toggle for quick on-and-off and easy tension adjustability. I especially like this feature because I find that masks with the ear-loop get uncomfortable very quickly, don't stay on very well, get stretched out, and are easy to loose. The drawstring behind-the-head design ensures a secure fit, more comfort, and you won't accidentally drop it. To take it off for a sip of water, bite of food, walk outside toward a mask-required destination, etc., simply pull the toggle piece over your head and let the mask hang like a necklace. The shape of the mask provides enough room for the average person's nose to not be smooshed and enough mouth/jaw space to talk/eat without feeling constricted or like you're sucking in the mask's fabric. All-in-all, I feel very safe wearing this mask and it is comfortable enough that I often forget I am wearing it!

If you are interested in having one of these masks, you can purchase one on the mask store page ( for $17!

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