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I love to get to know my clients when I do commissions. I want to create a dialogue in which we communicate back and forth through the process so that I can produce an end result that is true to what you were hoping to capture. I do most commissions in watercolor; however, I can offer select leatherworking or sewing projects, oil painting, or pencil drawing upon request.

Initially, I like to have a conversation about what you are looking for: subject, supporting elements, colors,  images and general feeling. I will need an image of the subject to work from, potentially several. High resolution and detailed photos are best. Any other images/photos that you feel are relevant to the project are helpful as well. If you do not have images of all of the elements you would like present, I can search for and combine other reference photos. After your consultation, I will send you a sketch of what we discussed and go from there! I send pictures of the progress and questions that come up along the  way. Don’t be afraid to give me feedback on how you are feeling about the image as it comes together, what you do or don’t like, new ideas that come up, etc.: I want you to be involved so that you are happy with the result!

What does a commission cost? I would love to be able to give you a straight answer, but the best I can do is a ballpark. This depends on the size, content and medium of the piece. I charge $15/hr. I make sure to record my hours accurately. It is my top priority that my client is happy with the finished piece. Be aware, however, that art takes time. During the process, sometimes unexpected things arise that may require longer to complete than anticipated. If this goes beyond the budget discussed, I am open to creating a payment schedule or negotiating a price that feels fair to both of us.

You can view examples of recent commissions in my                         under "commissions" 


If you are interested in a commission, please email me at 

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