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Artist Statement

Raven Stamper

Massage therapist and artist, my favorite thing to do is use my hands to create things. Most of my inspiration for art comes from nature and wildlife. I was born and raised in Ashland Oregon and lived many years of my childhood in the woods outside of town playing make-believe games outdoors and interacting with my pets. 


From a young age, I was presented with many mediums and avenues for creating art. Although my strong suits are oil painting, watercolor painting and pencil realism. Over the years, I have also dabbled in pottery, sculpture, beading, collage, figure drawing, monoprinting, jewelry making, sewing, and leatherworking. ​


I try to dedicate time to my art every day as well as organize a weekly figure drawing group. I do art for the process: it allows me to slow down, drop in, and be present. What I love about the finished piece is sharing it. I am fascinated by other people’s observations and the symbolism they weave into the pieces I have created, connecting them to their own lives.

I sell prints and greeting cards of my work and do commissions. 

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You can follow me on facebook and on instagram at Raven Borgilt Art

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Horse Eye
Eel Woman
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