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Coivd-19 Masks

About these masks:

Home-made with care, these masks are secure, reliable, comfortable and durable. 

How to wear your mask:


This mask is designed to ensure zero airgaps. Place the bottom loop of the drawstring at the base of your neck, put the mask over your nose and mouth, and pull tight with the toggle positioned at the back of your head.

Your mask may feel stiff as first – this is normal. Like a shoe, it needs to be broken in, and after several wears, should begin to fit more comfortably. To ensure no air gaps, don’t be afraid bend the wire to fit the shape of your nose and cheek bones (the wire is very durable – you will not break it).

Care Instructions:

          Though this mask is machine-washable, I would recommend hand washing. Before washing, REMOVE THE FILTER as contact with water will make it no longer effective.

Mask Store:

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