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Raven Stamper
LMT #023504

I approach each of my clients with curiosity, consideration and care. With a rhythm and flow for a nurturing yet therapeutic experience, I show up for my client’s desires while responding to what presents itself in the moment. Migrating toward a therapeutic approach, my work can be very site-specific while providing a body-integration between focus areas. I often implement myofascial release, deep-tissue work, Neuromuscular Therapy, gua sha cupping and scraping, the massage gun, Swedish massage techniques, and client participation through movement and stretching.

I want to help educate my clients with my knowledge of anatomy and demystify their pain. Throughout the session I encourage my clients to explore their areas of discomfort with curiosity: I often ask my client to refine the location and describe the kind of pain, and help them to discover more options for movement within the discomfort, thus refining their body awareness. My goal is to help my client improve daily functionality by becoming more in-tune with their body, empowered, and at-ease.

Using my hands to create things and watching them change and grow is my favorite thing to do! When I am not giving massage, I am working on my latest art project or commission. You will also likely find me in the kitchen baking and cooking, tending my garden and houseplants, playing with my cat, hanging out with my family, spending time in nature, or geeking out with my husband. 

Raven Stamper, LMT
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Initial Training


Raven graduated from Ashland Institute of Massage in 2018. The 650 hour program featured advanced training in anatomy, kinesiology, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, MyoFascial Release, basic prenatal massage, and Clinical Assessment & Treatment.  

Continuing Education


CPR Training - current

Cupping/Detox: 2018

The Upright Ribcage parts I & II: May 2019

Scoliosis parts I & II: May 2019

Knee Issues: October 2019

Knee, Leg and Foot parts I & II: October 2019

Cultural Integration/Ethics in person: 2019

Rib Issues: February 2020

BLS Training: June 2020

Pain Management: August 2020

Cultural Integration online: August 2020

Arm, Wrist and Shoulder: March 2021

Neck, Jaw and Head parts I &II: 2022

Headaches and Migraines: 2022


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