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Thrive Massage Updates!

Dear clients,

I am very excited to announce a number of updates at Thrive Massage occurring in the near future!

New Therapist Justin Stamper:

As most of you know, my husband, Justin, is also a massage therapist. He acquired his massage license in 2020 and has been working in Talent at a medical massage clinic since then. It is our vision to have our own business/clinic together. I am thrilled to announce that he is coming on as a second therapist for Thrive Massage!

It may sound biased, but he is truly an exceptional therapist and I would be seeking him out as my personal massage therapist if it weren't for the fact that we already live together . His initial training was in 2020 through the same school I attended (Ashland Institute of Massage). Since then he has acquired an extensive number of continuing education hours and is extremely confident in addressing a wide range of conditions from acute injuries and severe pain and peripheral neuropathies, to chronic postural issues. He implements a range of motion assessments, his knowledge of nerve pathway entrapments, postural assessments, and more. His work is a little more clinical and site-specific than mine and highly effective. Though not his focus, he can also give a great relaxation massage. I feel that our two styles of work compliment each other very well. He will be offering 60 and 90min sessions only. I encourage you all to schedule yourself a massage with him and see how you may benefit!


We're starting fresh! Our first day working out of our new location will be August 22. This will allow us the freedom to have access to the treatment room all days of the week, personalize the space to fit our business, and the potential to expand into additional treatment room/s in the future. Lucky for you all, this location is only a few blocks away from where you are used to seeing me at the Chrysalis Massage Clinic (180 E. Hersey St.). The new address is 180 Clear Creek Dr. #104, Ashland Oregon, 97520. The entrance is around the back facing the railroad tracks - directly across the tracks is the Grange Co-Op. It is a very nice, much newer building with ample parking, a comfortable waiting room and several different treatment rooms which are currently occupied by an acupuncturist, child therapist and chiropractor.


To cover our new overhead and match average prices in the valley, we will be increasing our rates:

60min: $95

90min: $120

120min (only offered by Raven): $160

If you have a pre existing appointment for August 22 or beyond and are uncomfortable with the increase in prices, please let us know: we will be happy to change your appointment for a shorter length session or cancel the appointment.

New hours:

Thrive Massage will be open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Justin will be making a very gradual exit from his current job. He will be available one day per week to begin.

Justin: Tuesdays: 9-3pm

Raven: Mondays, Tuesdays 3:30-6pm, Wednesday mornings, and Fridays.

Going paperless:

We are transitioning to entirely digital. This won't really change much on your end - pretty much all the same services but all through a single program; however, we will need you each to fill out a new intake and a few other forms online (you will be receiving an email link when we transition to the new program).

Thrive Massage New email and phone number:

The email you are receiving this from is our new email for the business.

We will also have a new phone line to contact us on. We will let you know when that is set up.

That's all for now! If you have any questions or concerns, please email, call, or text Raven at (541) 601-7634.

Thanks all!

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