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COVID Protocol Update

Spring is in the air and so is a brighter outlook!

First of all, thank you for willingness and diligence over the last three years in following mine and the clinic's COVID protocols, and being so conscientious letting me know if you feel ill or know you have been exposed! I am proud to report that because of this, there has never been a known transmission within the treatment room or the clinic! A big THANK YOU for being a part of keeping myself, my clientele, and our community safe.

As you are probably aware, the mask mandate for medical facilities has now been lifted. In response to this, I am changing my COVID protocols.

I am no longer requiring that you wear a mask while inside the massage clinic building or in the treatment room. Whether or not I choose to continue wearing a mask may depend on the day. Having said that, it is my first priority that my clients feel safe, so PLEASE let me know if you would like me to continue wearing a mask during your massage. It is no inconvenience or annoyance to me whatsoever: I am happy to wear one for you if I am not already!

I am also no longer requiring that my clients be vaccinated against COVID. For those unvaccinated, I have missed working with you and am excited to invite you back!

The waiting room at the massage clinic is now open. You are more than welcome to come inside the building when you arrive. I will come out to find you and invite you back to the room when it is ready. Clinic therapists are only keeping the front door unlocked while we are waiting for our clients to arrive - if you find that it is locked, I apologize! With multiple therapists in the building at the same time, one of us may accidentally lock someone else's client out! I'll be keeping an eye out for you, either way :)

The pandemic has made us all more aware of the way illnesses spread and how to protect our own health that of those around us. Although the severity and frequency of COVID infections has greatly decreased (YAY!), it and other respiratory illnesses are still out there. I ask that if you do feel sick, please do not come in for your massage. If you think you have been exposed, please continue letting me know, and we can assess together if it's best to reschedule.

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