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Thrive Massage Transition: Welcome Raven!

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Dear Thrive Massage Patrons, Clients, Friends:

Well, it’s been a wild one this year, hasn’t it? I hope this missive finds you and yours healthy and in good spirits, and please know that I have missed you since closing my practice doors in March of last year. I’m popping into your inboxes here in 2021 to let you know what’s happening with me and Thrive massageand with massage therapy in general. I would also like to introduce my friend Raven, Borgilt LMT OR #023504, who will be taking over the Thrive Massage Therapy name.

Onward and Upward

As you may know, I closed my practice last March to help “flatten the curve” in compliance with the Governor’s order. Reopening became a possibility in May, but personal circumstances prompted me to stay home longer and, eventually, to decide on closing my practice to go back to college.

Permanently saying goodbye to Thrive Massage has not been easy. I considered it deeply, weighing the risks, costs, and benefits of re-opening my practice with the new regulations and necessary equipment, and I came to the realization that I need to take my own advice and listen to my body. A career in massage therapy has a natural life span, and my joints have been hinting at the end of mine for a while. This, coupled with the start-up costs of new equipment needed to be in compliance sealed the deal. My plan to finish my degree has shimmered on the horizon for a few years. The pandemic and quarantine sped up the approach, however, and I’m now on a path towards a new career as a Speech Pathologist.

So, what about Thrive Massage? And where should you go for massage?

I am extremely pleased to announce that my friend and colleague Raven Borgilt LMT will be taking over the Thrive Massage name and website. Raven is the person I have most trusted during these times of quarantine and pandemic when seeking bodywork. She goes above and beyond the new requirements to ensure a safer and still very therapeutic and relaxing experience, including excellent ventilation with a HEPA air purifier in her downtown Ashland space, taking temperature checks at the door and a scrupulously clean room. More about Raven in a moment!

Your Privacy

First, I’d like to assure you that your private information has not been shared, as that would be a breach of both your privacy and HIPAA. Which brings me to my second point: it’s up to you to reach out to Raven for a session. I feel entirely comfortable recommending that each and every one of you who is in the position to seek out bodywork give her work a try. I encourage you to watch mynow herwebsite over the next few weeks to learn more about Raven and her practice. We’ll be transitioning the content to reflect her bodywork philosophy, educational background, and include her booking software. In the meantime, you can book online with her here.

Who is Raven Borgilt, LMT?

I first met Raven nine years ago when I was a student at the Ashland Institute of Massage (AIM), and her mother was my teacher for kinesiology, anatomy, and myofascial release. A few years later found me in the instructors chair, teaching Massage Foundations (also called Swedish massage). Raven, an experienced LMT herself at that point, worked as my invaluable teaching assistant.

Having attended the same massage school and learned from many of the same teachers and techniques, Raven’s work is similar to my own in many ways: her sense of flow, the completeness or wholeness with which she approaches the body, the way she incorporates knowledge of muscle systems, as well as the blending of Swedish, myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy techniques. Additionally, she’s been on her own path of continuing education and particular nerdiness. She does amazing cupping work, and she has a precise and intuitive attention to detail. I'm truly excited for you to experience her work!

Is receiving massage safe during a pandemic?

In Oregon, we’re lucky to have clear guidelines set by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) as well as a supportive Board of Massage Therapy (OBMT) who have consistently offered advice, guidelines, and new requirements to protect the safety of both licensed massage therapists as well as our patients. Here are links to OHA’s guidelines for LMTs if you would like to see what safety measures have been implemented:

Some things you will notice next time you get a massage include the requirement to wear a face covering when lying face up on the table. When lying face down, there will be a pillowcase hung from the face cradle to filter your exhalations, but you won’t need to wear a mask in this position. Raven uses a LeVoit brand air purifier in her treatment room, and she’ll need to ask you questions to screen for Covid exposure both the day before and of your session.

Safety measures you may not notice: Raven’s (already excellent!) sanitation protocols have increased to incorporate the new guidelines, and, as health workers, massage therapists in Oregon have access to the vaccine.

While it’s impossible to guarantee 100% safety during a pandemic, all of these measures are in place to help you and your massage therapist have a safer session.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your massage therapist for the past eight years, and I miss hearing your updates and stories and helping you find ease in your bodies. May you experience lightness in your mind, body, and soul!

Be well and take care. Warm regards,

Eva Ford, LMT

Raven Borgilt, LMT smiles at the camera.
Raven Borgilt, LMT

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