Currently, there are no regularly

scheduled Yomassage™ classes.

However, if you are interested in booking a class for yourself and a friend, let's be in touch to find a time and day that works! 

Here's the nuts and bolts

of what that looks like: 


A 75-minute class costs $180, and a 90-minute class costs $200.* I ask that students to pre-pay to ensure both an on-time start and to remove the need to re-engage with business after deep relaxation is achieved. 

Class size

A class can have 1-5 people who split the above cost. Smaller classes cost more per person, with each participant receiving more massage. Accordingly, a larger class costs less per person, is still very relaxing, yet the amount of massage per person in each pose is a bit shorter. 

Class Structure

Students arrive to a fully set up class room. I provide each with a yoga mat, several yoga bolsters, blankets, and blocks. Relaxing lighting and soft music lend a peaceful atmosphere. 

Once all students are settled, I'll lead a breathing exercise or guided visualization. 90 minute classes will also incorporate a guided point-by-point body release (yoga nidra). After engaging with the breath, we begin sinking into long-held supported postures, which students hold for about 5-8 minutes. As the teacher and massage therapist, I visit each student in turn and offer about 2 minutes of  Swedish massage on each person per pose. The pressure is, by design, medium deep, which has been shown to be very effective in engaging the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest/digest part of the brain). By the end of the session, everyone feels extremely relaxed and rejuvenated and is usually ready to float home to chill out. :) There's no need to clean up anything or pay, as I do the tidying, and the payment has been made in advance. 

To book

If you'd like to book a class for yourself alone and/or with friends, please let me know, and we'll get going on finding a time and day that works! 

*For a single student, I offer Yomassage sessions in my massage space (as opposed to renting a larger space). In that instance, a 75-minute session is $150, and a 90-minute session is $170. 

Cancellation, Rescheduling, and No Show Policy:

  • 24 hours notice required for cancellations, except those due to emergency or sickness. 

  • Please allow 24 hours to reschedule appointments as well. 

  • "No shows"* and clients who cancel with less than 24 hours notice are liable for 50% of the scheduled appointment cost, and will be asked to provide payment. 

  • *If you have a gift certificate and fail to show up for your scheduled appointment, you may retain 50% of the gift certificate value to redeem at a later date (prior to the expiration date). 

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