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* Three layers of cotton quilting fabric

* Filter pocket

* Draw string with toggle for quick on-and-off and adjustable tension

* Flexible bridge-of-nose wire for airgap-free, personalized fit

* Comes with one medical grade MERV, reusable filter

* Washable

* Home-made with love

* The MERV 16 filter is medical grade, on-par if not more effective than an N-95 mask material. It has three layers of media for optimum efficiency, which have been pinsonically welded together. It is hospital-grade and made in the US. It captures particles as small as 0.3 microns, with level 4 microbial resistance. 

* Though this mask is machine-washable, I would recommend hand washing. Before washing, REMOVE THE FILTER as contact with water will make it no longer effective.

Mask #13

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