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Covid-19 Closure...

Last week, after a great deal of thought, reflection, and conversation with other bodyworkers and teachers, I decided to suspend my massage practice through the end of March, deciding to take cancellations a week at a time as more information about the local effects of the Covid-19 pandemic became available.

Today, with Governor Brown’s Executive Order No. 20-12, I have been officially ordered to close for the foreseeable future. This aligns with my previous decision and assessment that the unknowables of the current situation create too much of a gamble to continue practicing—and that the health and well-being of my clients, family members, and self aren’t something I’m willing to leave to luck.

I know how much we all need and look forward to massage. I feel the same way! Thrive Massage will still be here when the dust settles, and I hope to see you at that point.

In the meantime, may your social distancing be peaceful, may those “maybe someday” home projects feel the breath of new life, and may you wash your hands like a massage therapist. 😊

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