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Time to Renew?

Updated: May 28, 2019


January finds many of us feeling the after effects of the (delicious) over-indulgence of the holidays combined with the travel-induced interuptions to our health and fitness routines. Getting back on the wagon can cause additional stress, and sometimes it's discouraging to think about needing to gain back "lost ground."

But wait...

What's this negativity? Instead of regrets, why not gratitude?

How fantastic was that holiday!? How great to catch up with friends and family and eat all of the foods?

Add a dash of New Year's resolve to season the gratitude, and you can work up an actionable plan for finding your healthy balance again.

Tips for jumpstarting Operation: Healthy 2015

  • Find a local movement class you'd like to try or return to. Pre-pay for a few sessions, and mark the time in your agenda as an unbreakable date with your health! Treat it like a doctor's appointment -only more fun.

  • Track your body-centered self-care and workouts in a journal or day planner. Or, I'm sure there's an app for that, if you're technologically inclined. It can be a great boost to see if you're meeting or exceeding your goals.

  • Moving our bodies is an essential part of our fitness picture, creating good circulation, promoting endorphins, and increasing strength in order to prevent injury... but health isn't only about physical fitness. Schedule time in for your mental health, too. Coffee with a friend, energy work, or a session with your therapist? All great ways to "digest" the emotional stress often found amidst the holiday wrapping papers.

  • Get a massage! It's a great way to reward your hard work. Not to mention it can boost self-esteem and lessen depression, and it's a fantastic detox tool. This article from Pacific College outlines some of the many ways in which various types of massage can help your entire body speed up the detox process. Click the "Schedule" button in the menu to book a session with me.

  • Focus on one or two attainable nutrition shifts. Your doctor, naturopath, or nutritionist is a great person to chat with about what could be most helpful for your nutrition picture.

What practices and suggestions have you found most helpful on your journey? What's the single most successful way you've (ever, not just this year) kickstarted your fitness goals?

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