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The "Relaxation" umbrella and Swedish massage

Updated: May 28, 2019

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Relaxation massage works to engage the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). When the PNS activates, it stimulates the body's own systems for relaxation -lowering cortisol (the stress hormone) production, deepening the breathe, and aiding in digestion.

The main Relaxation modality I use is Swedish massage -a variety of flowing and kneading strokes which aid circulation and muscle relaxation. This type of massage is often associated with spas. I also have training in the UpLedger style of CranioSacral Therapy, which uses a variety of neck and cranial holds to promote relaxation.

Relaxation massage is a great option for anyone needing to destress -whether that stress is from work, school, family, or physical exertion. It can be particularly helpful to clients who are especially sensitive to pressure.

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