Eva Ford


Licensed Massage Therapist #19290,

Instructor at Ashland Institute of Massage, 

RYT 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

My inspiration comes from the concept of Sankalpa, a Sanscrit word meaning Intention. After speaking with a new client, discussing physical history and current concerns, I set an intention, keeping in mind the goals and well-being of the person I’m about to treat.

I have been practicing massage for over seven years, and I continue to find more and more delight in what I do. This past winter, I took the opportunity to teach a Massage Foundations class at the Ashland Institute of Massage, my massage alma mater. Diving deep into the basics of bodywork and body mechanics freshened my approach and renewed my technique. 

My work is rooted in Swedish massage -either light or deep tissue- and MyoFascial Release, which hydrates and lengthens the tissue around muscles and alters deep-set patterns.


Using Active Release and Resistance methods, I resource the client’s own strength to release tension and increase range of motion. For specific work on chronic pain, strain, or movement patterns, I employ Neuromuscular Therapy, accessing the length and attachment points of individual muscles. A bit of light CranioSacral work rounds out most sessions, and I also incorporate Lymphatic Drainage into some sessions. 


I find joy in combining these techniques into a cohesive and relaxing flow, and I’m always interested in the client’s history, intention and feedback. Each person has an intrinsic ability to heal themselves, and massage is a tool which can help you access your parasympathetic nervous system to find relaxation, increased circulation, and improved health.

Initial Training


Eva graduated from Ashland Institute of Massage in June of 2012. The 650 hour program featured advanced training in anatomy, kinesiology, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, MyoFascial Release, basic prenatal massage, and Clinical Assessment & Treatment.  

CEUs (Continuing Education Units)

Lymphatic Drainage, and Introduction (20 units, November 2018)

Functional Anatomy: Hip and Pelvis (14 units, April 2018)

What the Fuzz? Fascia Lecture by Gil Hedley (4 units, November 2017)

Functional Anatomy: Leg and Foot (14 units, November 2016)

Aware Ego Process Ethics Training (6 units, September 2016)

Radiance Method 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Sept '14 - Dec '15)

Myofascial Release of the Jaw (1 unit, Sept 2013)

Anterior Neck Massage (1 unit, June 2013)

Accessing the Core II (1 unit, May 2013)

CranioSacral 1 from the UpLedger Institute (24 units, April 2013)

Working the ribs and diaphragm (1 unit, March 2013)

Cross Fiber Friction and Clinical Neck Treatment (2 units, February 2013)

Advanced training in Chronic Hip Pain (2 units, November 2012)

Kinesiology Assistant at Ashland Institute of Massage (20 units, Sept '12 - Jan 2013)


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